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Cute blonde teen fucking like a pro in the locker room

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Sex For Grades Presents: Angel Couture
Story: Angel Couture is a tight little blonde who hopes to someday be a trophy wife. To get the inside scoop on what jocks really want, she breaks into the guy’s locker room and snoops around for clues. Just the thought of all those sweaty guys getting dressed in there, gets her all wet. So she sits on a wooden bench and starts playing with her moist shaved pussy. When coach Jenner suddenly barges in, she’s startled and offers her smooth young body to avoid punishment.
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These girls ain’t Einsteins, but they’re smart enough to know that fucking the teacher always gets you better grades! It’s hard to pay attention in class with a dripping wet pussy distracting you, so these school girls have learned to apply themselves after-class. They may be C students, but in cock sucking these babes each get an A plus!. Enjoy the hottest teacher-student sex action on the web. Who needs brains when you’ve got this kind of beauty?

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